About Us

Rob Bousa

is a professional European photographer with an extensive experience in fashion, architectural
and corporate photography. He studied Art Photography in Prague, Czech Republic and
Commercial Photography in New York, U.S.A. His unique vision and European approach and
flair already helped a wide range of clients to deliver their visual messages. As a staff
photographer for Beauty Magazine he actively participated in Charlotte Fashion Week.
His new personal projects include "
Personalities on Location", "Artists on Location" and "Blue
Ridge Mountains
Together As A Team

After a chance meeting in October 2007 they both
found that they shared a great common interest in the
world of photography and art.

Following many long meetings and talks they decided
to join as partners in the field of creative photography
and imaging.

Business and organizational skills on one side and a
unique vision and superb craft level on the other side
were both essential for the extraordinary service and
fulfiling customer experience Rob & Robertson Imaging
team provides.
Robbie Lynn

is a production manager with unparalleled
organizational skills and also an expert in
business management and financial
services, where she deals with new and
established clients.

She has always stayed in touch with her
artistic side, such as interior design and
decor. She is also an accomplished
make-up artist and fashion stylist.
Rob & Robertson Imaging
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